The high water mark

It has been such a great summer. I've been able to get a lot of work done and build on projects and skills more then I thought I would. I'm definitely ramping upward getting commissions done and whatnot. The next step is prints. I have been wanting prints of my work made for some time now but fought a couple battles along the way. No matter, it will come in time.

I'm also moving in the next few months which will be a giant pain in the ass but all for the better. Rent goes up a bit but I will finally have a dedicated studio for working on projects that isn't underground (cheers from the crowd). The thought of having windows to look out while drawing makes me smile haha.

I edited some footage of a digital drawing I worked on as part of a commission. Today I had some time to throw music and a monologue track on it. I like doing this because it breaks up the focus on just the music setting the tone for the video. Plus I get to bring awesome voice lines like these ones from Fear and Loathing. 

In a way I am at the high water mark that I was at a few months back before slowing down a bit. From here on I'm hoping for nothing but clear skies.

Oh and hopefully with windows in the studio, I'll get to see them!