Inktober: First ten days

I am having such a good time with Inktober so far this year. We’re now a third of the way through so I wanted to share the first 10 drawings here.





















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Threadless and other news

I'm starting to visualize how I want the fall season to go. I know that there will be about 5 weeks or so that my day job will require full time hours or more. Other then that, I have a few projects to keep me busy on the art table. I'm devoting more time to making things and despite the tight schedule, I think I'll have plenty of time 

I opened up a shop with Threadless in order to make more designs available. The site is pretty simple, I upload a high res design and they have it ready for print per order. There are TONS of different shirt/hoodie/color options for men and women, so they have an impressive selection for the designs

It's great for me because all I worry about is the design and they do the rest. It's awesome to not have to worry about payment, shipping, and issues with returns and whatnot. So over the next few months, I'll be uploading different artwork there for you to order. Make sure to let me know if you would like a particular design on a shirt and I'll see what I can do about making it happen.

I have a big project coming up that is gonna rip me right out of my comfort zone and make me put up or shut up. I can't share much information yet, but I can say its going to be a mural! I have yet to do one of these yet so I've been watching countless videos from some of my favorite muralists and how they make their magic (Tenhundred, Jeff Soto). I also had to throw out a pat on the back to myself in the past for buying a damn over-head projector (yes, like the one in high school) to use for doing things exactly like this. I'll be sharing more about this project as details allow and trust me, I'm planning on documenting EVERYTHING about this one. No exact ETA yet but autumn for sure.

Other then that, I'm taking courses on (more about this later) to improve on drawing/painting fundamentals, and making every day count that I can. More soon.


The high water mark

It has been such a great summer. I've been able to get a lot of work done and build on projects and skills more then I thought I would. I'm definitely ramping upward getting commissions done and whatnot. The next step is prints. I have been wanting prints of my work made for some time now but fought a couple battles along the way. No matter, it will come in time.

I'm also moving in the next few months which will be a giant pain in the ass but all for the better. Rent goes up a bit but I will finally have a dedicated studio for working on projects that isn't underground (cheers from the crowd). The thought of having windows to look out while drawing makes me smile haha.

I edited some footage of a digital drawing I worked on as part of a commission. Today I had some time to throw music and a monologue track on it. I like doing this because it breaks up the focus on just the music setting the tone for the video. Plus I get to bring awesome voice lines like these ones from Fear and Loathing. 

In a way I am at the high water mark that I was at a few months back before slowing down a bit. From here on I'm hoping for nothing but clear skies.

Oh and hopefully with windows in the studio, I'll get to see them!

The Migration


I decided to take down my wordpress site and instead, chose to join with squarespace. There were a few reasons for this decision but it essentially came down to..

Usability: Not for the person viewing my site, but on my end. I'm in no way an advanced web builder and though I could learn almost anything I needed to know about Wordpress, I save much more time using squarespace's beautifully designed site builder. Everything is drag and drop and easy. This means more frequent updates, and an overall better experience. My last revision of Wordpress took me well over a week to put together. This site took me under a day.

Price:  This one is simple. It costs me less to keep my page here. I was paying around $23 for hosting plus a store account with bigcartel. I loved both services but squarespace just had it all built in. I payed annually and got that down to $18 per month. Can't beat that. 

Design:   This one is a pure trade off. I loved the last revision of my site for the one-page theme. Everything was stacked nicely. The only downside was the loading. This site offers a nice clean multi-page site that adapts flawlessly to mobile and allows theme switching if I wanted another layout.  

Overall, I'm extremely pleased to bring this site to you. I'd like to say I worked hard on it, but that's simply not true. They made it easy.